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Are you ready to go on a journey to heal the wounds and trauma that are causing you so much pain?

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But for many years, I lived with chronic illness and pain because of the trauma stored in my body. Even though I feared my body for so long, it was my body that showed me the path through my inner world and showed me the way to healing.

Join me on a healing journey with your body, because Bodies Never Lie.

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Undressing the Spirit Podcast

In this podcast I delve into how I healed my auto-immune disease.

Bodies Never Lie: Reclaiming What Was Mine

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Live the Fuel!

I got t hang out with the fantastic Scott Mulvaney on his podcast Live the Fuel, a couple of weeks ago.  He is so interested in transforming his life and the lives of other people.  Let me know what you think of the episode! You can find Live the Fuel Episode 125...

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When We Gather

Raechel is my first guest blogger!  She has deep wisdom and continues to grow in her healing and power.  She is blessed in her ways with words and I am honoured to call her friend. If you would like to read more from Raechel, find her here. Enjoy!   As a woman we put...

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The Mother Wound

The other day, I went to a storytelling evening.  When the last story teller stood up, the energy shifted. BOOM! This woman took up space!   There was an uncomfortable shifting through the audience. Karen, a bold woman in fishnet stockings and purple hair, stood up...

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For Lisa and Judith, who witnessed me, body and spirit, and were the midwives of me actually living this life. Thank you

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