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How an Inner World Explorer and Guide Works and Why Hiring One Can Be the Best Thing for Your Total Health

We are told all the time that we need to manage our chronic illness, mental illness and autoimmune illnesses.  Isn’t it amazing that in this lifetime, we have transitioned from totally relying on conventional, traditional medicine to a plethora of natural and alternative options. 
But I am still frustrated by the prevailing conversation about illness and symptom management.  And I have been hearing from a lot of healers, that they know there is something more but they are not quite ready to put words to it.  I believe in healing, and even if I don’t always know how to talk about it, I Believe In Healing!!!
Over the years, on my own path to totally healing from Celiac Disease, Congenital Hypothyroidism and Chronic Depression, (there were more I just stopped collecting diagnoses after a while!)  I have developed a way to listen and converse, and then translate, what your body truly desires about your health!  Then you can understand how the health you currently have has been created for you, through your experiences, thoughts, illnesses, ancestor’s experiences, psychological state, social interactions, toxin exposure, natural supplements or drugs, (yes, even natural products may not be affecting us towards better health!) food and exercise choices, epigenetic factors and your state of Consciousness.

Some things you can work on with an Inner World Explorer and Guide are:

  • Become your own Inner Mother
  • Letting go of symptoms as you uncover, release and resolve them
  • Embodying and owning who you really are
  • Develop a toolbox of skills to nurture and help yourself
  • Discover your own inner ‘yes’ and ‘no’
  • Understand why you are ‘picking up’ emotion and energy from friends and family and build a stronger energetic protective boundary
  • Resolve the stories and imbalances that are at the root of symptoms and illness
And more, depending on where you are on your journey and what you have experienced.

You will be deeply changed and at the same time, you will be able to take your clients to new and deeper places!

Why Does This Path Work?

The body is an amazing guide for healing because of the an innate wisdom for health and balance contained with in it.  When an egg and sperm join, it is about 12 weeks before the beginnings of the structure we call a brain are formed!! And yet there is an astonishing amount of growth and development that happens prior to this.  This indicates that the body and being is not primarily guided by the brain but this innate wisdom.  
It is this same innate wisdom that can guide you to healing instead of management of your symptoms and way beyond! Working together on this path we’ll focus on targeting your imbalances at the consciousness level because this is the root of all imbalances. Change here filters down to all other aspects of your being.

 The best part of the way I work with people is that it is safe and gentle.  We’ll be working together to see what the body wants from a place of wholeness instead of doing more trauma to try to undo the trauma, symptoms and disease that is already there.

 It’s amazing how much goodness your body wants you to experience that you can’t even quite imagine. You can build and internal home for yourself that is nurturing, sheltering and well!

How We can Co-Create Your Total Health Together

In our work together, a combination your innate wisdom,  The BodyTalk System, TrailBlazing Communications:Trauma Style, Evolve Epigenetics and our intuitive senses will guide the healing process.  This is what makes this healing process so gentle and yet so deliciously amazing.  It comes right from the core of you! 
It is also very important to me that each client expand their own toolbox of healing skills to include fabulous energy and consciousness techniques that take their healing to a whole new level.
Each package for healing is co-created by you and I, with the guidance of your innate wisdom. We’ll meet together and design it all by listening in to the plan that is already in place.

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