The Yew Tree

The Yew tree is long known as a symbol of strength, honour, mystery, longevity and introspection. They are ancient and have endured the test of time, a living witness to centuries of people; holding their stories, creating shelter for humans and animals alike, as well as sustenance and medicine. Their exceptional longevity makes them markers on the landscape, showing us the way to go. Yew trees have been planted by those who sought their attributes in significant moments since before history was recorded.


Our past, present, and future are represented in the tree. The tree’s symbolism speaks to the collection of all these pieces of our past so we are able to live in the present and enjoy our future. The underground and above ground networks of trees in community are symbolic of the relationships we desire with our families, our communities and the world around us.

Tim Partridge (BSc dissertation in Rural Resources Development (1993)

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