When you get a cut on your hand, do you spend the 5 days that it takes to healing thinking about how to guide the healing process?  How long does it need to bleed in order to clean the wound?  When should the platelets and proteins arrive on the scene so you don’t bleed out? Do you orchestrate how the skin knits its self together again?

Explaining Innate Wisdom

This is the work an innate wisdom in the being, innate being something that is inborn or natural. The innate wisdom maintains an amazing homeostasis in the being which is astounding when you think about how many processes are happening at any given minute within each person, none of which require conscious thought.
The same innate wisdom can be tapped into for adoption healing.  It is the innate wisdom that knows:

  • -which memories are causing panic
  • -which aspects of the brain and it’s connections need attention and repair
  • -if an aspect of environment is affecting a person
  • -what issues have been received trans-generationally
  • -aspects of the subconscious that are no longer working in a new life situation
  • -issues of hydration in general or specific areas of the body
  • -emotional ‘files’ being stored in areas of the body that are no longer needed
  • -imbalances in chakras and meridians
  • -and much more

The innate wisdom knows how to move towards resolve and also provides the order for healing to happen.  To override the innate wisdom of the being and work on an issue that a person is not prepared for, will cause overwhelm physically, mentally and emotionally and likely exhaustion. Because the innate wisdom, nor the energy or consciousness of a being, are physical, these aspects are not contained to a physical place making distance work easy, convenient and very effective.


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