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The Beauty of the Beast

Do you remember the original version of The Beauty and the Beast? I went to see the remake earlier this year, I thought it was just going to be a cute movie on a Saturday afternoon. I was so sweetly wrong.  Only on the surface was this a cute story about dancing tea...

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Live the Fuel!

I got to hang out with the fantastic Scott Mulvaney on his podcast Live the Fuel, a couple of weeks ago.  He is so interested in transforming his life and the lives of other people.  Let me know what you think of the episode! You can find Live the Fuel Episode 125...

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When We Gather

Raechel is my first guest blogger!  She has deep wisdom and continues to grow in her healing and power.  She is blessed in her ways with words and I am honoured to call her friend. If you would like to read more from Raechel, find her here. Enjoy!   As a woman we put...

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The Mother Wound

The other day, I went to a storytelling evening.  When the last story teller stood up, the energy shifted. BOOM! This woman took up space!   There was an uncomfortable shifting through the audience. Karen, a bold woman in fishnet stockings and purple hair, stood up...

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I have done what 99% or more Westerners believe is impossible.  I have for over 8 years been free from needing thyroid medication for hypothyroidism. I can eat wheat without any side effects of my diagnosed Celiac Disease and I am certainly no longer depressed, as the...

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The Wish

Recently I was introduced to The Wish ‘game’ by an amazing woman.  Victoria is 75 and runs multiple businesses and is starting a hedge fund for women who need investments.  The game consists of a silk playing cloth and the playing pieces are semi-precious stones, such...

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Challenge Yourself for Transformation!

I love personality tests!  You will understand more why shortly.  When I was taking my Masters of Arts in Counselling, I did all that I could find.  They are a fun way to understand your quirks and strengths, and those of the people around you. My favourite is called...

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The Middle Space

Before we moved from Canada, we got rid of so many possessions.  Believe me, there are more in your house than you think! Some things though, we put into storage.  Moving to Costa Rica was an adventure well out side our comfort zone and we weren’t totally sure we...

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