Cell Memory is the concept that every experience, along with our perceptions of it and emotions felt, is stored within each cell of your being. It is like a blueprint or map of your existence. This is not a new concept – Traditional Chinese Medicine has for over 5000 years, connected certain organs, endocrine glands and body parts to the storage of certain emotions. For example, in TCM it is most likely anger would be stored in the liver and grief in the lungs. A massage therapist knows that during a massage, people can break out in laughter, tears or other emotions, perhaps stored in the connective tissue or nearby body part.

Explaining Cell Memory

Your cells remember every thought, experience, illness, every time you felt overwhelmed, afraid, sad, depressed, anxious or happy.  When those ‘memories’ still have a charge to them, meaning they are not in a resolved state, they create symptoms or disease to hopefully get your attention in order to resolve them.  Everyone knows someone who is afraid of dogs.  I have a friend who saw her brother get bit by a dog and for her, and interestingly not her brother, that experience has remained with her and never been resolved in her body.  Years later, whether a dog is wagging its tail or showing its teeth, she reacts in the same way.  That stored memory, full of charged, unresolved emotion is triggered by the sight of any dog.  This means her body returns to its same state of fear, terror and chemical release as in the moment her experience actually happened.  The more memories we have with unresolved charge, the more often we are living in an adrenalin-fuelled state which we now commonly hear is the state of disease.

The work of Dr. Deepak Chopra, a renowned endocrinologist and leader in the field of quantum physics and mind-body healing, and Dr. Candace Pert, Ph.D. in cellular biology and biophysics have done important work in this field. Even though most cells renew themselves regularly, people continue to face the same disease, symptoms, issues and illness and this, they have found is because of the memories stored within in the cells. As the cells reproduce, they reproduce the same cell with the same memories within it, hence the new cell is just as unhealthy as the parent cell.

Moving through experiences and traumas with BodyTalk and Trailblazing Communications can change the story within the cells which means that as our being is renewed, real change can happen.

Check It Out:

How your Body renews itself

  • Your DNA renews itself every 2 months.
  • Your skin rebuilds itself in 1 month
  • Your liver renews itself every 6 weeks and can regrow even if only half of it is left.
  • The lining of your stomach renews itself in 5 days
  • Your blood rebuilds itself in 1 year
  • You have a whole new skeleton every 3 months!!

For a deeper understanding:

Quantum Healing, Dr Deepak Chopra (Bantam Books 1992; ISBN 90-215-8874-9)

Molecules of Emotion, Candace B. Pert Ph.D. (Simon & Schuster 1997; ISBN 0-684-84634-9)

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