I love personality tests!  You will understand more why shortly.  When I was taking my Masters of Arts in Counselling, I did all that I could find.  They are a fun way to understand your quirks and strengths, and those of the people around you.

My favourite is called the Enneagram.  The Enneagram is a fluid system of nine basic types, with ‘wings’ to represent the unique personality mixtures and a flow for understanding what happens when we are stressed or growing, with the purpose of integrating all types into yourself over your life time.  I am a type 5, The investigator.  Fives are perceptive, innovative, secretive, and isolated.

And I am – I have a million theories about how life happens, each of which I am cataloguing data for, I see the big picture and find it hard to understand when others don’t.  Though I love to laugh, I tend toward the serious side and sometimes need a friend to lighten me up a bit and can also be very caught up in my own internal world.

For each of the types, there are super powers and drawbacks which we often don’t have a very clear view of for ourselves.  Having a clear view offers infinite possibilities in life. I had two such moments of clarification recently.

The first challenge to a strong type five belief was when I flew to a business retreat with a friend.  This friend is the life of the party and as we moved through the airport or sat on the plane, she talked with so many people.  I think she is a type 7, The Enthusiast!  I realized it doesn’t even cross her mind to think whether the person she speaks to will want to talk to her.  As a five personality, this has been something I have struggled with all my life.

The second challenge came via email.  I have signed up for a daily email called EnneaThought, where everyday I get a short message to encourage or challenge a Type 5 personality.  I got “In childhood, Fives withdrew to create a niche for themselves within the family system, yet still believed they didn’t “fit in.” What would it feel like if you believed people liked you just for yourself?”

For those of you who are other types, this may mean nothing to you.  Any type five readers will likely have a sharp intake of breath here.  When I get these emails I feel like someone is reading my deepest mind and challenging me that while this may have been how I have functioned, I don’t always have to.

More than likely, if you have been reading this blog or a similar blog or website, you are interested in the transformational life, you are looking for something more than you have where you are now. Having an advisor, coach, mentor, friend or email, which offers challenge and encouragement, is a vital part of growth.  Just a few words, offered in love, that shake you to your core from time to time.

Now I know, that much of the inner dialogue which has been so familiar over my life, is just a fear I am susceptible to.  It does not have to be a fear I hold onto all my life.  You can bet when I fly again next time, my seat mate will be hearing from me!

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