How can work be done at a distance?

Energy and Consciousness work is equally effective when conducted at a distance, as energy or consciousness are not held in physical space. It is like a wireless technology which works on a principle similar to personal computers and ‘the Cloud’. Two connected computers can be in two different countries and still easily share information. Click here to read about a study published in the Journal of Pain Management, in which all sessions were done at a distance.

I will need a recent picture of the individual or family.

What happens during a session?

Before connecting via FaceTime or Skype, please silence your phone, have some water to drink and take a few deep breaths before you call. We will begin with discussion where you can update me of any changes, new issues or questions. Following the discussion, please be near a place that you can feel comfortable and rest for the duration for the session.

Your innate wisdom, or the group innate wisdom, sets the duration and content of the rest of the session. I follow along until it is indicated that there are no more connections or balances for the session. Upon request, sessions can simply be recorded and sent via email. Sometimes homework or changes are indicated during a session. These are generally simple changes to make.

In the case of a session that will be summarized in an email, please send any relevant details to me by email at least 24 hours before the session time.

What is Energy and Consciousness Work (ECW) with Families?

Every time a family is formed, an energy body is formed as well. It is like each member of a family being connected by a string. Some areas of the string web can push or pull while other connections might be more harmonious. ECW can gently shift the family web into a more relaxed and comfortable position for everyone, allowing members a more peaceful, joyful connection with each other and the support and connection they need to thrive.

What happens if I miss an appointment or need to reschedule?

Your appointment time is reserved for you and ONLY you. Sessions are held via Skype or FaceTime (others are reported by email) and it is your responsibility to connect at your set time*. If you connect late for a scheduled session, your session time will end as originally scheduled and there will be no fee reduction. If you miss a scheduled session, you will forfeit the fee for the session, except in the event of a medical emergency.**

To re-schedule or cancel, give at least 24 hour notice, to avoid forfeiting the fee for the session.

*I live in the Central Standard Time Zone in a country that does not change for Daylight Savings Time. Please keep time differences in mind when you are noting session times are set to my time zone. You are responsible for calculating time differences.

**Medical emergencies are accidents, sudden serious hospitalizations or death involving you and/or your immediate family members only or a death in your extended family.

What is a pre-birth experience?

Acknowledging a pre-birth experience is recognition that a child’s life does not begin at birth but that the experiences of the womb, in particular the feelings towards the child, such as love, hate, ambiguity, ambivalence, etc., affect the child’s development.

What do you mean by “BodyMind?”

BodyMind is a term used to express the infinitely connected being. While we find it necessary for language to use separate words for body and mind, in reality, there is no separation between them.

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