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Lit From Within Group Healing Package

Wondering how to release the past which seems so present in your body today?

Is your pain showing up as:

anxiety or depression

chronic illness and autoimmune disorders

pain that is not helped with painkillers

unhappiness when you realize that you are willing to accept poor behaviour and discomfort from others at your own expense

a general feeling that something is ‘wrong’ with you

‘unexplainable’ symptoms and issues that don’t respond well to common treatments



That’s why I have created the Lit From WithIn Group Healing package for woman who are ready to:


Releasing pain from past traumas

Emotional detox

Connecting with Body and Self

Repair and Nurture of Self

Hearing Body

Growing into Primal Feminine

Identifying and vocalizing internal desires, needs and wants

Setting and holding boundaries

Being seen in a safe community


“I DEFINITELY recommend working with her, especially around deep old stuff that feels like it’ll never move. Shawna knows how to shift it, and how to manage the experience with so much gentleness and love. We really don’t have to remain stuck for the rest of our lives with what happened in the past – Shawna can help you let go in a safe and healing way.”


Pay in full $1500 or 3 monthly payments of $575


This group is open to only 7 women

Sign up before Jan 1st, and save $500

Sign up before Jan 8th, and save $300

We begin Jan 15th!



This package includes:

8 1 hour intuitive group healing sessions (weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11)

4 1 hour private intuitive healing sessions (weeks 3, 6, 9, 12)

Private Facebook Community

1 email contact per week

Building a tool box of skills for you to help yourself with

Personalized blessing at the end with information about 1-2 of your guides, a guide animal and the top two practices for continuing your healing journey over the months to follow.

This is for women who want to:

learn from the signals their body is giving them to guide them on their journey towards health

connect with a part of themselves that they suspect or know they have hidden or suppressed

give their needs, desires, thoughts and being a voice

let go of the emotions and pain of past traumas

connect with other women who want to grow and heal

“When I first came to Shawna, I had been losing all hope. Shawna was able to connect my mind, spirit, and energy to parts of the body allowing for areas which have been blocked because of trauma or past memories to be released, allowing the body to heal.”


Here’s My Story

At a certain point on my journey from intense illness, mental and physical, I realized I was not longer interested in what conventional experts, and many natural health experts, told me about my health outcomes.  I didn’t know why, but I knew I was going to follow what my body was telling me, even though at that point, I didn’t understand my body or even really trust it much yet. It turned out to the the best decision I ever made.  Instead of living in a body that hurts and that I am afraid of, my body has become a constant guide and companion to health and the desires of my heart!

“I don’t dread getting out of bed in the morning!!”  


Pay in full $1500 or 3 monthly payments of $575


This group is open to only 7 women

Sign up before July 24th, and save $300

Sign up before July 31st and save $150

We begin August 14th! (So we are done before the holiday season!)



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