Most Western and alternative health care systems are based on finding out what is ‘wrong’ with you.  You are given and diagnosis, which is a descriptive name of a symptom, but a diagnosis doesn’t give an indication as to WHY a person developed a particular symptom.  Why do two people who experience the same thing find the outcome very different, one can thrive while the other suffers?  Why when two people are exposed to the flu, might only one get it? Why can someone who does all the ‘right’ things get a disease that someone who takes little care of their body doesn’t?

Scientists are still trying to figure out how many cells exist in the human body, somewhere in the trillions most likely.  Each of these cells must know it’s own job and the jobs of all the others and communicated amongst each other, or there would be chaos.  Think of a committee where members don’t know their own job or try to take over others jobs or don’t read emails or talk with each other!  I’m the body, if there is a break in the spinal column, there is a symptom of paralysis in part of the body, the brain and the legs are not communicating.  It’s the same when a breakdown in communication happens between cells.

The Why of the breakdown in communication is unique to you. Not only are all our cells communicating, they hold the story of our entire life.  From conception until now, every experience, emotion, belief, thought, illness, your entire story is contained within you. Many parts of your biological ancestors’ story are contained within you as well. Parts of your story may help or hinder you but your being holds the key to why you are experiencing the symptoms you have, and how and in what order to unravel those symptoms. Even if someone else may have the same diagnosis for what is happening, each person arrives at that state of health differently.

Your body knows the why and the way to unravel your story. If trauma is a part of your story, or you are wondering if it might be, book a Discovery Call and see if working together can be a safe, gentle and healing part of your journey.


Check it Out: How Your Experience Affects Your Body

Take a deep breath and then slowly move through the range of motion of each of your arms, forward and to the side, legs and neck, side to side and front and back.  As you are doing so take note of how far you can move each body part.  As you move your arm, there is a point where is become heavier and more difficult to move, where is that point?

Next, think of the worst thing or things that have ever happened to you.  Take a few minutes and let those feelings really sink in.  Slowly move through the range of motion of your arms, legs, and neck again.  How was it different from the first time?

Shake it off.  Take a deep breath and think about the best day or time of your life.  Let it roll over you and enjoy those feelings.  Again, slowly move through the range of motion of your arms, legs, and neck. How was it different from the first and second times you did this?

You can try this yourself first and then lead your family in participating. What you experience, changes the body!

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