I have done what 99% or more Westerners believe is impossible.  I have for over 8 years been free from needing thyroid medication for hypothyroidism. I can eat wheat without any side effects of my diagnosed Celiac Disease and I am certainly no longer depressed, as the psychologist who diagnose me long ago with chronic depression, believed.  I haven’t felt any of these symptoms in years, nor the many, many undiagnosed, seemingly random symptoms I experienced.


One thing people will ask me is, how did I do it?  And here is where the answer gets complicated, … and simple.


The answer is that healing is remembered.


Particularly for women, healing is stored deep within.  I remember the moment when I decided, for some reason I didn’t understand at the time, to follow the voice inside, telling me to trust the way I thought I should go, and not the way others in my life felt I should. At that time, I lived in a haze, I often barely understood or didn’t understand simple conversations going on around me, but that moment, stands out in totally clarity to me.


It was about a month later, after my first BodyTalk session, that my mind was able to comprehend more and started to question the path I had chosen, but by then, I had already seen significant improvement and kept going.


I also remember that the first time I felt this prompting, I turned away because of the many years of indoctrination that what was found inside me was wrong, even evil.  Women, learn from young, their bodies and beings are too much.  Too big, too sexy, too cold, too loud, too …female.


So where did that moment of clarity come from for me?  It came from within, it bubbled up from somewhere deep in my abdomen.  As I sit with that place now, there is a pulsing of life there.  It is that place which births our babies, births our businesses, births our ideas and creativity.  There is a life force there that we have forgotten but still exists.  And it is wise, wild and good, all at the same time.


Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes in Women Who Run with the Wolves of The One Who Knows, deep with in each one of us. She is in many cultures called La Loba, Wolf Woman, and it is she, in each of us, who calls to our depths, our bones.  It is she that allows each woman to “call back the dead and dismembered aspects of ourselves, calling back the dead and dismembered aspects of life itself.”


It is not from somewhere else that we remember, it is from inside.


And it bubbles up when we stop fighting with ourselves.  Stop fighting the way we feel, what we want, what we long for, what we crave. And start hearing our feelings, our desires, our longings and cravings as the very way to that inner space.


We can further create that space by sitting in circles of women, with one or ones who have walked that way before and have remembered and are remembering…


To see if sitting with me to remember what you need to remember about healing for yourself would be a good option for you, please book a free 30 minutes Discovery call here




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