Do you remember the original version of The Beauty and the Beast?

I went to see the remake earlier this year, I thought it was just going to be a cute movie on a Saturday afternoon.

I was so sweetly wrong. 

Only on the surface was this a cute story about dancing tea cups and candelabras.

There were two themes which really stood out.

The first, that what we fear is most often the very portal to what we have been seeking. 

At first, connecting with the Beast seems to be the opposite of what Belle deeply desires.


But once she does, she finds the adventure and fuel for her mind she has longed for in her small, safe town.

The Beast in our lives sometimes look like the pain of abuse.  It can feel like the grief of a painful and lonely past. The Beast can appear as an internal rage that seems it will never quit.  Maybe shame, limitations, inadequacy…

What is it you fear? 

Whatever we fear, it is so easy to be convinced of its reality, but what if it was bringing you a gift?

A gift you could use to create alchemical magic in your life?

The second theme was more subtle and complex and seen in the character of Agatha.

Agatha only shows up for a total of 10 out of the 120 plus minutes of the movie, yet is the mastermind of everything that happens. Those who think they have control, do not!

She appears in three forms, that of the maiden, mother and crone and represents the facets of feminine energy and power. 

For many of us, our feminine energy and power is the deeper fear, behind all the layers of anger, pain and shame.

You may have been taught to fear your own energy through direct teaching or experienced the energetic modelling of those around you as you grew up.  With the influence of a patriarchal society and the pain of the women in our family line, the core fear of many women is their own centre of feminine power and energy.


This deep fear of feminine power and energy can be expressed in many ways – chronic illness, anxiety, depression, fatigue, hypoglycaemia, living vicariously through children or partners, accepting poor relationships, limiting you life and business and ultimately deep unhappiness.


Whatever the fear you are facing, remember that while it feels very convincing, what lies behind it is freedom when we take a risk to look deeper.

Following the Beast we fear becomes the pathway to Beauty, healing and the life we desire.

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