Its not something a lot of people are going to tell you…

One of the biggest blocks for anyone who wants to heal from a long term illness, chronic, mental or autoimmune, is that the illness becomes an identity.

And that identity becomes safe and comfortable.

I sense the angry glares in my direction at this point but I gave it away in the title that it was the cold, hard facts.

Yes, it hurts to hear that.

You see, one of the first things you learn as a therapist is that people don’t do things that they get no benefit out of.

After the inevitable childhood experience of having your fingers slammed in a door, did you ever do it again on purpose?

And the same is true about every other action we take in life.

There is a payoff and that payoff is something we either want or want to avoid.

And here are two of the biggest payoffs I found for remaining sick:

You don’t have to face the uncertainty of who you will be without illness. Ugh, existential crisis, no thanks!
2. You won’t have to take responsibility for your actions and how they contribute to your life circumstances if you can keep creating illness. And other people will be more likely to let you.

So if you are still reading, I will give you the GOOD news!

This means your illness is not YOU and you don’t have to keep it!

Where have you identified yourself as your illness?!

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