Recently I was introduced to The Wish ‘game’ by an amazing woman.  Victoria is 75 and runs multiple businesses and is starting a hedge fund for women who need investments.  The game consists of a silk playing cloth and the playing pieces are semi-precious stones, such as adventurine, hematite, rose quartz and orange calcite.


To begin the game, you write out a wish or intention.  This could be something like ‘I wish to accept how my life is changing right now’ or I wish to meet people who I really connect with”. As you choose your playing piece and move around the board, there are cards which provide information about shifting the energy and moving towards your wish.  You and your game mates spend time reflecting on how the information is guiding you to your wish.


I made my wish and shared it with the group, I thought the game was interesting and we all left the weekend retreat.  When I arrived home, I noticed instantly that something had changed.  I had wished for a healthier space between my growing daughter and myself.  I come from a line of mothers and daughters whose relationships have been enmeshed and unhealthy.  I had noticed this in our relationship a few years prior and had made strides to move towards something healthier for us.


So, when it came to time to get my work done, I was grateful but as my daughter was off with her friends more and asking me for less, that I didn’t always like the change. I felt uncomfortable, I didn’t know what to do with myself or how to handle my time. I needed to become consciously aware of that I was feeling discomfort from the change and allow for the discomfort,  so I would not pull us back into the same pattern we were used to living.


Setting an intention for a wish is a powerful thing, especially if you can manage your discomfort through the change. Mike Dooley of Notes from the Universe reminds us that thoughts become things. In the same way, we can take an intention and turn it into something real, about our health, our relationships, our lifestyle or our business if we get out of our own way!


If you are interested in making your wish for better health and less drama come true, book a Discovery Call to see if we would be a good team!


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