Raechel is my first guest blogger!  She has deep wisdom and continues to grow in her healing and power.  She is blessed in her ways with words and I am honoured to call her friend.

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As a woman we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and each other when at the end of the day the best moments are when we meet in communion, share our hearts, laughter, tears, and power.

I believe in our Western society we are opening more to a compassionate and understanding view point, but it is a long arduous journey.

We certainly need responsibility for self and to do our own work, but we are in desperate need for community.

I have been through so much trauma and felt extremely isolated when I began the healing process.  People are afraid to go deep.

When I meet women, who have done the work and carved their own paths I know they always have at least two strong women beside them.  

This is true for me, the more I make the journey into my destiny of wholeness the more and more women that come into my life that I feel a familiar bond with, a deep connection, ancient wisdom, and support.

We are always meant to gather at the fire and share stories and celebrate each other’s gifts.

I am breaking down barriers in my own life, I was meant to, and I am encourage by the immense strength of others to do the same.

I feel we cycle through our lives in a way that we are joined by a mysterious, loving, and divine bond.


I am here for all my sisters.  And I know they are for me.



We Gathered

By Raechel Winklestine

Last night

We gathered

Around the fire

We were laughing


And stardust dancing

I’ve never felt

Like I belonged

So much before

I have met you all

In lives already passed

When we gathered

Last night

You became my sisters

No competition

Sharing gifts


Without comparison

Because we are whole


And in union

Tribal goddesses

Carving a way

For future daughters

Taboos we slay


In the divine

Smearing mud

On our faces

And joining the swine

For when we gathered

Howling with our wolves

We pierced the night

And ripped through

The galaxies

A new way

Of light

Embracing my darkness

I met you all in the woods

Took my place

As cantastoria

With a tale

Of sorrow

And triumph

With gratitude

For your faces lit

In the fire

You have each

Reached out

And given

Grace for my journey

So as I finished

And we went back to




We all broke barriers

Prayed over barren wombs

And wove a brand new future

I took peace

That no matter

The path

I will meet you

All again

Whether in this life

Or another

For sisters

We will always be

When we gather

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