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Wrap Yourself in Nurture

Trauma is a big word. It sometimes seems like something that happens to other people, in other places. To refugees, or veterans.

But when you look inside, take a deep breath and are honest, that is the only word to describe some of the things that have happened to you.

Or your family, maybe more recently or maybe it’s woven throughout the family tree.

And its creating havoc.

Maybe you are noticing:

boundary issues, on multiple levels of being – physical, mental, emotional and energetic

that you are managing others lives and emotions, at the expense of your own

have illnesses or symptoms in the abdomen area(infertility, PMS, constipation, etc.) or the throat area(thyroid issues, difficulty speaking up for yourself, regular throat infections as a child, etc)

yourself as an enabler, the ‘fixer’, or the one that holds everyone together

‘unexplainable’ symptoms and issues that don’t respond well to common treatments

that are feeling you must remain sick, small, or avoid saying no to keep the love of your family and friends

a general feeling that there is ‘something wrong with me’

depression and anxiety

that you have had traumatic issues in connection to your mother or birth mother, even if they seem small to others, such as adoption, being in the NICU, your mother was sick or busy much of the time or unable to nurture

that you feel you have a shaky foundation, that others approval or disapproval can ‘topple’ you easily

autoimmune or chronic illness


And from the place you’re in, you sense that you don’t even know all the chaos and pain that trauma has and is creating.

Maybe like me, you have already tried the drugs, ‘talk’ therapy, other therapies or distractions and you think there is nothing left to do, just cope. Just hang on day-to-day, or maybe not.

And you wonder why your body and mind hurt so much – pain, illness, anxiety, depression, your body attacking itself, you feel less valuable than others, maybe the act of eating and digesting has become necessary evil or a joyless event. Maybe something worse.
Its not a safe place to be, your body, your mind, because its stuffed with pain, fear and shame.

That is exactly why I took my training and my experience and created The Wrap Yourself in Nurture package. Just as two special women did for me, I will walk with you as you journey through connection of your past experiences and traumas and the illnesses, diseases and symptoms you are experiencing NOW and give you tools to help and nurture yourself.

You will have a deeper understanding of how your body is seeking to communicate to you.

Here’s what it includes:

7- 1 hour intuitive healing sessions

7- 1/2 hour Focus sessions, (these follow 3 days after intuitive healing sessions)

Private FB community, Lit From WithIn – focused on issues of women’s trauma, healing and nurture, with monthly intuitive group healing session on a different topic per month, and monthly FB live and I’ll be there to comment on group discussion.

Personalized techniques, tips and projects for your situation

My support by email in between sessions


You will:

Have a deeper understanding of how your body is seeking to communicate to you, through physical, mental and emotional symptoms, your pathway to letting go what you no longer need and your path to health.

Release symptoms as you uncover, release and resolve them

Embody and own who you really are

Develop a toolbox of skills to nurture and help yourself

Develop an inner ‘yes’ and ‘no’

Feeling more confident in knowing what you enjoy and want

Have a stronger energetic protective boundary

And more, depending on where you are on your journey and what you have experienced

Pay in full or monthly

I only work with 3 women per month.

Book now and receive a Bonus 30 minute energetic assessment with first session!

I love working with Shawna. She is a powerful practitioner, yet so gentle. My session was incredibly powerful and I felt some really major really old stuff shift as a result of working with Shawna. I’m so glad that she’s bringing her gifts into the world in this way, and I DEFINITELY recommend working with her, especially around deep old stuff that feels like it’ll never move. Shawna knows how to shift it, and how to manage the experience with so much gentleness and love. We really don’t have to remain stuck for the rest of our lives with what happened in the past – Shawna can help you let go in a safe and healing way.


Living a different life begins by letting go

Here’s My Story

I know the kind of life you are living. In my twenties I visited the doctor – a lot. I had a massive amount of rage, panic attacks and anxiety, pain and fatigue. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and hypothyroidism, Chronic Depression, insomnia, thoughts of suicide and so on.
I started looking ‘outside the box’ and seeing acupuncturists, natural health practitioners, counsellors and chiropractors and things got better but it was really when I found the gentle work of spiritual direction and BodyTalk, an energy and consciousness modality, that my life started to change.

For real.

The difference was that these modalities honoured my body and it’s processes, instead of overloading or moving too quickly for my body and relapsing it. Because of the trauma in my background, mine personally and my ancestors, my system was hyper sensitive and easily overloaded.

And what I needed to learn was to listen to my body for myself, not just the ‘experts’.
That I learned was the true key to healing.

“For the first time in a long time, I don’t dread getting out of bed. I’m starting to look forward to my day, and this morning I realized that I thought to myself – I really enjoyed this week! My life feels really different, Thank you Shawna.”


When I first came to Shawna, I had been losing all hope. Through our BodyTalk sessions, Shawna was able to connect my mind, spirit, and energy to parts of the body allowing for areas which have been blocked because of trauma or past memories to be released. I’ve struggled with Fibromyalgia and all the issues that go along with it, also lymes, anxiety and thyroid imbalances, and other traumas that life throws at each one of us. The stresses of anxiety and depression lifting off my mind and heart. I’ve started feeling lighter. I can never thank Shawna enough for walking along side me. For her wisdom, understanding, and care.


Living a different life begins by letting go, the trauma, poor beliefs about ourselves and what we can expect in life and whatever from our past n longer serves us. When we let go there is an opening for something new, regenerative and spacious, gentle and good.

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